December 30, 2010

So I cooked a duck for Christmas Eve. It’s both the first time I’ve cooked duck and the first time I’ve roasted a whole bird of any type.

I loosely followed this recipe (I roasted exactly as they suggested, but the glaze I made up as I went, mostly sugar, orange juice, and marmalade). It turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Out of the Oven

Petunia even said that it was the best thing I’ve ever cooked, which I hope is not an indictment of my previous attempts at cooking.

On the Plate

In related news I need to come up with some new “standard side dishes”. Asparagus and mashed potatoes every time is getting a little old. I’m thinking carrot souffle and something with quinoa.

Nick out.


2 Responses to “Duck!”

  1. t Says:

    g has a carrot souffle recipe you could try – but it’s more of a cross between a side and a dessert – kind of like a sweet potato.

    • scisamurai Says:

      I’d like to see it. I have a recipe that I’ve used once or twice and it’s come out okay. But not amazing or anything.

      I am fully prepared for a desert-like side dish, this does not intimidate me.

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